Looking for the most highly available, most mission critical way to run your current and future SAP applications? Tired of planned and unplanned outages, and the increasing costs and risks when your SAP applications are down? SAP and IBM have you covered with the new “SAP Zero Downtime Option.” SAP’s new reference architectures illustrate the world’s most continuous, most secure SAP services.

Millennial Mainframer is proud to promote the zEnterprise Newsletter, which contains outstanding original content by Hank Meetze and the IBM East team.

Articles include:

  • zEC12 – Under the Covers by Temika Cage
  • No more ESCON on zEC12? by Shawn Lundvall
  • Why SAP on System z by Michael Zazulak
  • Mainframe education in the USA
  • and TRIVIA!!!
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