IBM announced its pending acquisition of the company behind EZSource. EZSource is a set of DevOps-related tools for analyzing mainframe-hosted applications. They help developers identify application interdependencies, create accurate inventories of application assets, assess code quality and complexity, and maintain and improve applications. Many businesses and government agencies want to take advantage of fast growing mobile and API economies. EZSource helps get the job done better, quicker, easier, more securely, and more affordably.

I’m familiar with one major financial institution in my part of the world that is already using z/OS Connect to provide over 30 new APIs to its partners, including especially independent mobile application developers. They’ve leaped ahead of their competitors practically overnight, and their mainframe (and mainframe team) deserve most of the credit. EZSource can now help them add more and better APIs to their partner ecosystem, to race even further ahead of their competitors. Those APIs directly tap into mainframe applications that are rock solid, mission critical, and highly secure. There’s no excess baggage and no unnecessary complexity to slow down their APIs. They perform extremely well, with extremely low latency.

If you haven’t taken a fresh look at the modern mainframe yet, “better late than never.” How about Blockchain technologies, for example? Or real-time, every-time, in-line analytics? It’s at least getting much harder to think of something computing-related that you cannot do well or best with today’s IBM mainframe. IBM (and several other companies, and the open source community) have really been pushing the mainframe envelope over the past several years. It’s quite exciting to take advantage of even a small fraction of all the new capabilities.

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2 thoughts on “IBM Acquiring EZSource DevOps Tools

  1. Hi. That is interesting news EZSource and it sounds like a very helpful product. Bit of a tangent but I can’t seem to get an answer anywhere else so thought I’d try here. Did IBM recently sell OMEGAMON to Unicom? Rumors are flying but there is no news anywhere or anybody responding with info. It’s a bit shocking frankly and I think customers should be told what is going on considering it is a vital product.

    • Did you ever get this answered? I’ve been hearing the same thing but getting nothing back when have asked. Even got a funny reply from our IBM rep who I think was ducking the question. Can somebody let us know?


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