In November I provided some insight into the story of Kenya Power and their choice of a new, combined enterprise data warehouse, business intelligence, and analytics solution running on an IBM zEnterprise zBC12 mainframe. IBM is now providing much more information on that important mainframe milestone in the form of a video feature.

Full Disclosure: My colleague Colin Page and I designed Kenya Power’s new solution (to meet and often exceed KP’s requirements), and we also managed the technical solution aspects of the bid and evaluation processes to make sure we got all the details correct for our partners and for KP. Colin especially has been making sure the design is faithfully translated into execution, and he’s the IBM hero most responsible for making that happen at KP.

Jane, Joe, Linus, Vlado, Wolfgang, Tom, Wael, Yasser, and many other IBMers worked countless hours making sure we all focused with laser precision on KP’s needs. It was (and is) an absolute pleasure to work with them. IBM’s management also gave us all great support, making the right investments in bringing the best of IBM to Kenya. We’re especially grateful to IBM’s research and development teams who spent a great deal of time listening to Kenya Power, addressing every question they had with complete, no b.s. candor. The IBM assembly plant team also did a great job addressing a crucial delivery requirement, and IBM’s service and support teams have stepped up to deliver.

Sats, Peter, and the many others at Symphony are terrific partners. They organized many moving parts, prepared an extremely detailed and professional government tender response, managed their significant parts of the bid and evaluation processes, addressed and resolved some financial issues, and remediated some critical data center gaps. We appreciate their years-long dedication.

Finally, most importantly, thanks to David, Pamela, and everybody at Kenya Power for challenging us and for charting a new path to serve their current and prospective electricity customers better. Our relationship is new, but we are grateful for your vote of confidence and look forward to a long, mutually beneficial future together. Thank you, KP.

Stay tuned for much more information and analysis this week.

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