IBM has issued a press release and posted an explanatory video.

One thing is clear already: it’s an announcement of huge import. Thus IBM appears to be moving details forward progressively, in stages. That’s an effective approach to manage a “very happy problem”: there’s so much new capability packed into the IBM z13 that we need some time to absorb the full impact of the announcement.

That’s my fundamental, snap reaction in this instance. Each of the innovations IBM has highlighted so far, taken individually, is impressive. I expect that, and that would’ve been quite fine. But in combination, all at once, in one new model generation? That’s huge. The IBM z13 is well positioned to solve whole new classes of tough enterprise computing problems facing businesses and governments.

If you’d like more instant reaction, watch my Twitter feed (@sipples) during IBM’s Webcast for the IBM z13. IBM’s broadcast starts at 19:00 UTC on January 14, 2015.

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