They’ve reportedly been down hard since April 12. Reportedly five servers failed, and it’s taking weeks to locate and install parts. Wow.

The EOIR is supposed to adjudicate immigration cases in the United States. If your immigration case cannot be heard you’ll either not be cleared to stay in the United States until some time in the future, or your removal from the United States will be delayed. You’ll continue to be stuck in limbo, in other words. That might be good news for some, but overall it’s a disaster. An unrecovered one thus far.

It sure would be nice if the EOIR bought a modern mainframe. Or simply used a small portion of a modern mainframe at any of the U.S. government’s many agencies with mainframes, including the U.S. Department of Justice itself.  The U.S. government already has a mainframe-based cloud. My advice would be to use that mainframe cloud more and more often to help the EOIR and other agencies stay up-and-running.

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