Change is good

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “The Day The Earth Stood Still“, but I always thought this scene holds a universal truth…..

“Technology is not your problem. The problem is you, you lack the will to change”

So why do we need to change?

It’s my firm belief that technology, by itself, is never the solution to a problem. There is just no way a slick and sexy looking ‘appliance’ by itself will magically fix your technology problems. Sooner or later the ‘real’ issue will pop up and cause the same problem over and over again.

Take for example a company facing severe challenges to keep their ‘backup window’ within the allotted time frame. Just getting faster drives and faster networks might solve the ‘short term’ issue, but as long as they don’t ‘take a step back’ and review what it really is they’re backing up and compare that to what they really need to be backed up, this ‘gain’ might only be marginal and most likely temporary of nature.

Taking that step back to reevaluate past decisions and configuration should always be the first course of action when facing ‘problems’ (for me this holds true beyond the technology domain). Just like how the car would have never be invented if we had just kept searching for ‘better and faster horses,’ I believe we will make the biggest progress in (Enterprise) IT once we allow change across the whole playing field.

But why don’t we?

This means we should be willing to change our infrastructure, our operating systems, our applications and middleware our procedures and maybe even our job descriptions….

And for a lot of us, change is not something we like.

I’ve always done it this way” and “But that would take a lot of effort” are frequently heard excuses for not changing. Whenever these “arguments” are given I cannot help but think about these demotivational posters.

When your basement is getting too packed with ‘stuff’ you keep storing down there would your solution be to move to house with a bigger basement? Or would it maybe seem smarter (and more efficient) to reevaluate your procedures regarding what to store there?

“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” 

Looking forward to your reactions in the comments section……