On occasion, the IBM mainframe will make an appearance in an IBM ad campaign.   A couple of great ones produced in the mid-2000s focused on mainframe virtualization:

Now I’m not quite sure if IBM produced this one, or if a clever mainframe fan put this one together…but it’s pretty funny!

Great humor here, but…think about the messages within these – they convey two key themes:

  1. Extreme virtualization – System z can run hundreds, if not thousands of virtualized guest OS instances. As the ads illustrate, this really does enable System z customers to combine huge server farms into a single System z frame.
  2. Security – While System z isn’t a very good babysitter for your kids, it does a pretty nice job babysitting your valuable information resources. System z security is unparalleled in the software and server marketplace, with built-in functionality for encryption, access control & resource authorization, and some of the best logging & auditing technology in the industry.

There’s a wealth of great System z material on YouTube. We’ll be posting more in the future!

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